You may be pondering, “Are fruit shrubs good for you?” and the answer is a resounding yes! This is because at Shivelight we use only the base ingredients of the earth to forge a delicious natural beverage. There is no-nonsense here as you read through what the drinks contain. We have nothing to hide here and are encouraging a deliciously pure experience that is becoming increasingly rare these days. You might find that some other shrub drinks use ingredients that are sub-par with fruit that isn’t as fresh. We operate with integrity while squeezing only the freshest and ripest fruit to create a memorable beverage that is noticeably invigorating when tasting and digesting. A shrub drink is a fine option when it’s made with care and quality.

A plethora of healthful substances

There are many benefits to consuming apple cider vinegar shrub drinks and they start with the vinegar itself. This ingredient alone contains acetic acid along with the “Mother” which is beneficial bacteria that can help to alleviate many stomach conditions and encourage the proper balance of the body. It has been shown to help manage blood pressure, blood sugar, and aid in weight reduction. There are many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, K, and others to consider for future health benefits. There are also special enzymes that will balance the system further and keep you generally healthier. If you only consume soft drinks and then switch to these then you will experience life-changing results. We make sure that each shrub drink gives you the maximum health benefits so you can thrive and live to the fullest!

A great substitute for artificial beverages

Today’s beverages are touted as delicious and refreshing with flashy advertising that hooks people into consuming artificial empty calories. These don’t serve your body well and that’s no secret. Even the diet options can be far worse with preservatives and additives which are detrimental over time if you’re a regular consumer. Shrub drinks are one of the best alternatives to consider because they don’t include any of these ingredients. Everything contributes to the overall health of your body and they will help you to become more mindful of what you’re drinking.

Helpful in Managing weight

One benefit of shrub drinks is they help to increase your metabolism which is exceptionally useful when you’re trying to digest food quicker. It’s a great drink for athletes who need to get food in and out quickly. There is a powerhouse of nutrients in these drinks that will give you an extra competitive edge during more vigorous activities. It’s especially useful when paired with honey because both have been shown to help aid in weight loss when consumed at the right time. They can be used on their own as a meal replacement or with a meal to encourage healthy digestion. You will definitely feel less bloated because it will aid in a healthy water balance. If you’re looking to lose weight, then these shrub drinks will help you out, especially if soda is replaced. If you miss the carbonation, then don’t worry because you can simply add some and retain the health benefits with a natural soft drink that’s even better!

Aids in Digestion and stomach problems

If you have a sensitive stomach then you know it’s important to watch what you eat and how often you consume bad foods. By increasing the number of wonderful substances in the body, it gives you the tools needed to streamline your digestive processes. It has been used historically to treat various stomach pains and can help kill any bacteria that might be lingering. If you eat something rotten by accident then consuming a shrub drink might help to neutralize the situation because of its ability to cleanse and nourish the system. Are fruit shrubs good for you? Time and history have answered this question with a confident yes! All three ingredients in our fruit shrubs have been shown to increase wellness, and when combined they are a force to be reckoned with on the health scene.

Buy one of our healthful and delicious shrubs now!

At Shivelight, we are producing only the finest and freshest shrub drinks on the market with satisfactory results across every shrub drink. We stress continuity across all flavors by making them in smaller batches so you get a superb result each time. You will benefit from popular options like the unique Huckleberry shrub which has a rich flavor profile that most haven’t experienced. Our process is pure and lively while continuing to honor the natural qualities of the earth. Put down the soda or energy drink and try one of our shrubs that will invigorate your taste buds and help you live a more fruitful life!