Drinking pure vinegar is something that can wear down your enamel over time if you’re not careful, and this is especially true in conjunction with certain additives like lemon juice in various detox drinks. This is why many people opt for apple cider vinegar pills where there is no possibility for erosion. Rinsing with water after is a good way to reduce these effects should you choose to drink pure vinegar.

Pure apple cider vinegar can hurt the throat

If you’ve ever smelled vinegar then you can tell immediately that it’s some strong and potent stuff that doesn’t play around. That’s the same case when it comes to apple cider vinegar, but it’s a little easier to stomach. However, attempting to drink a cup of this will prove challenging because it tends to burn the throat. If you want to take it medicinally then it’s better to take it in shot form like liquor. Some even dilute apple cider vinegar so that it’s easier on the throat if you choose to consume it solo.

Potential potassium deficiency

One of the concerns with consuming vinegar of any kind is the potential for a potassium deficiency. Does this mean it will happen to you? Well, not if you’re careful about supplementing with other sources of potassium and don’t go overboard on your consumption of vinegar. It’s all about attaining the proper balance because consuming too much of anything can be a bad thing. Apple cider vinegar has been known to reduce potassium levels though, and you should keep an eye on this. Hydrating throughout the day and eating a proper diet will help to mitigate these factors. There are certain ailments that require you to have stable potassium levels and you should prioritize your health first.

Speak with your doctor about medication interactions

If you’re on any medications then it’s always a wise idea to talk to your doctor about naturally utilizing apple cider vinegar as a medication for any other problems. Certain issues can arise that may deter your usage of the substance even if there are supreme health benefits to consider. It’s fairly easy to work around these interactions and figure out a proper dosage. In most cases, you’ll be able to medicate and nurture your body with controlled doses of apple cider vinegar. However, there are a select few medications and circumstances where a patient should leave it out of their diet. Talk to your doctor about possible medication conflicts.

Drinking plain apple cider vinegar isn’t ideal for everyone

Generally speaking, drinking plain vinegar isn’t the best tasting experience, but there are definitely some people who have developed a taste for it. If you have a sensitive throat then you’ll notice immediately the burning sensation is different from carbonation. It’s more of a real burn similar to consuming liquor that sort of leaves you breathless if you consume too much. Some people make the mistake of trying to drink a whole glass after reading about the plethora of health benefits. If you’re going to drink it plain then it’s best to take shots with a chaser to avoid any burning or bitter tastes. There’s a reason why apple cider vinegar is just one of the ingredients in a delicious shrub.

There are ways to address these factors

One of the best ways to drink apple cider vinegar is when it’s combined with natural sweeteners from mother nature like various fruit juices and delicious thick honey. These help to control the bitter yet healthful elements of the apple cider vinegar and strike a delicious balance that can be thoroughly enjoyed without cringing. There are many great ways to elevate the taste of vinegar, and shrub drinks are forged with simple ingredients found on the farm. You want the best in the business, and our team at Shivelight has the best products on the market. Where the ingredients are sourced matters and adding them to any shrub drink is what really makes apple cider vinegar enjoyable.

Shivelight shrub drinks: The best way to enjoy apple cider vinegar!

You can rely on our professional and passionate team at Shivelight to bring you a shrub drink that elevates the senses and keeps you on your toes. We are skilled at bringing you a beverage that is pure and trustworthy from start to finish with no funny business. You might be used to a long list of preservatives to read that can give you anxiety, but because apple cider vinegar is a natural preservative you don’t have to worry about any artificial ingredients. We operate with integrity at Shivelight and are looking forward to sharing our delicious shrub drinks with you. Stop by today to select multiple sizes and flavors for your refreshment needs!