Drinking vinegar and vodka are both very strong substances that some people do enjoy on their own. However, we definitely advise against that if you’re looking for a flavorful and memorable beverage. It’s definitely more of an acquired taste to take either of them in the form of shots or mixed together. Even then, most people will utilize a chaser to help with the after-taste. It’s no secret that vinegar is an exceedingly bitter substance that can cause a burning sensation similar to vodka.

They work well together in mixing drinks

By themselves, you wouldn’t think much of them as a beverage to enjoy with a meal or standalone. They might trigger some funny faces if you try to take them without any other sweetening ingredients. That’s why shrub drinks exist so that you can enjoy the fullness of these ingredients in a cocktail beverage. The doors to flavor suddenly open when you add the possibility of fresh fruit juices into the mix. Everyone knows that drinking alcohol by itself is a much less enjoyable experience. The main purpose you would even want to do it in the first place is to get tipsy quicker. You can always make your shrub cocktail beverage stronger according to individual preference. Another necessary ingredient to thicken and sweeten the body of the beverage is honey.

Both are ingredients that might irritate an empty stomach

You should be cautious when utilizing vinegar or vodka because both of them can actually dissolve the lining of your stomach and cause discomfort and irritation. If you take them on an empty stomach then complications can occur. However, if you decide to have a shrub drink then there won’t be a problem because you have other healthful ingredients to buffer the burn. Despite their strong nature, evidence suggests that taking doses of both alcohol and apple cider vinegar in moderation can lead to surprising health benefits. It’s apparent that having a stronger beverage with more liquor will increase the likelihood of stomach discomfort. Shrub drinks actually introduce more healthful vitamins and minerals that restore balance in the body and makes for a safer and more beneficial drinking experience!

Apple cider vinegar is the best drinking vinegar

Out of all the possibilities for drinking vinegar, apple cider is the wisest choice. It is commonly utilized by many in various recipes and beverages, but the classic shrub drink has stood the test of time, and our professionals at Shivelight are bringing the cream of the crop to your taste buds. There are a plethora of benefits to drinking apple cider vinegar, and they are usually best enjoyed in the context of a healthy diet. It is a highly effective vinegar for fighting infection and helping to restore the natural bacteria in the gut. It’s best to take a few sips and wait to see how your body responds at first. It’s good to go slow with cocktail drinks, even if they are tempting to gulp down like candy. Apple cider vinegar is definitely the best base for any beverage!

Shrub drinks feature vinegar and vodka mixtures

One of the main defining features of a shrub drink is the addition of fresh apple cider vinegar. Some companies will extract the beneficial components of the naturally fermented vinegar, but this leaves you with a sub-par experience that’s lacking in what mother nature has to offer. At Shivelight, we make it a point to bring you the fullness of each apple cider vinegar beverage. We are also dedicated to giving you some viable cocktail recipes that are easy to craft with our products. The mixture of vinegar and vodka is a particularly good one because a lighter liquor is preferred for fruity beverages. However, certain dark options might work well in combination with the vodka for a unique flavor that’s more apparent.

Try our delicious shrubs at Shivelight!

There is a sweet spot of all ingredients where everything tastes exquisitely balanced and perfect. Sometimes it takes a passion to fuel results you can taste, and we are always striving to achieve unmatched results. Our delicious shrub syrups have the right flavors with a natural appeal that can elevate your drinking experience. They are incredibly easy to craft, and we encourage you to check out our selection of shrubs that will give you a new perspective on the beverage industry. We are proud to offer an alternative to the artificial drinks peddled today. Our goal is to help people realize a healthier nature-based shrub drink that can be enjoyed solo or mixed to create a fantastic cocktail to elevate special occasions! At Shivelight, we are shining a light through the dark trees of uncertainty with only natural ingredients that are self-preserving!