The first step to forging your own recipe or trying established ones is to purchase a reliable shrub cocktail syrup that represents the purest process imaginable. At Shivelight, you get exactly that with wholesome ingredients with results that can only come from working with local farmers. Once you obtain this critical ingredient, then it’s time to brainstorm and do research! Shivelight has the right shrub drinks that can be directly mixed with alcohol and elevated to a new level of flavor. Choosing the right shrub mixer is the first step and we have you covered!

Add your preferred alcohol and ingredients

Once you find the right recipes that fit your individual tastes, you have to also choose the best alcohol for the job. There are many variations and you might even like to mix certain liquors to get varying results. It is actually incredibly easy to mix a shrub cocktail and one of the advantages is that you know the ingredients are pure and delicious. The beverages are self-preserving with actual health benefits, unlike the modern artificial mixers.

Experiment with different flavor profiles

There are many flavor possibilities and you might like to combine fruits or stay true to the classics. No matter what you choose, it will be a fruitful result with uncanny flavors that send your taste buds to resplendent forests where the light shines through to new possibilities. You can choose between different shrub cocktail recipes online or perhaps alter some existing beverages to implement the delicious apple cider vinegar kick. It helps to give a strong quality to the beverage that compliments it well and will have you wide-eyed with amazement. It’s a good idea to blend lighter fruits with a lighter colored liquor for continuity and this includes options like pineapple and mango.

Adding real fruit into the mix

There’s nothing as effective as adding real fruit into your shrub cocktails for a more naturally appealing result. Not to mention, you enhance the healthy quality of the drink even further with additional fiber and the satisfying texture of nature’s dessert. Any fruit can be added, but it’s suggested to utilize fresh options over frozen for the best taste. This can be a highly innovative process depending on how you go about it, and they can even be cut into various shapes to go the extra mile at your bar. One of the most common shrub drinks possible includes the tart berries like blueberry, huckleberry, and a few others that are worth exploring.

Mix very well to blend the flavors

It’s imperative you thoroughly mix the ingredients, and you may opt to add other twists such as implementing red wine with a shrub cocktail sangria. If the ingredients are poorly mixed then it will lack continuity with parts being too strong. Always mix it well to blend the flavors and you’ll learn about the right balance based on taste tests. It is very easy to mix a shrub drink when you utilize a comprehensive base syrup from a trustworthy company like Shivelight. When making a shrub cocktail, you must also add the right amount of water, honey, and your desired fruit juice to bring it to life. It’s that simple to concoct this classic and healthful beverage!

Serve on the rocks or even frozen

One of the ways you can implement shrubs is by adding them into frozen drinks for an exceptionally invigorating flavor and texture. The element of cold enhances the feeling of both the apple and apple cider vinegar and results in a delicious option to cool off during summer. Shrub cocktail recipes work very well with frozen margaritas and other frozen options. They sharpen the flavor of any beverage and are an excellent alternative to conventional mixes. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to making new beverages, and you can enjoy many health benefits by avoiding common artificial ingredients. Simply add the shrub syrup to any frozen drink at the right amount and mix thoroughly.

Try our delicious shrub drinks and cocktail shrubs!

At Shivelight, we are excited to give you a more flavorful and healthy option that will take you back to the times before soda where people enjoyed this pure beverage. We have many flavors for you to enjoy including apple cinnamon and the popular huckleberry shrubs. You can create innovative beverages from either our regular shrub drinks or the popular and convenient syrup mixture which is much thicker than the current market standard. We encourage you to check out our process and see what we’re all about! It’s always a pleasure to forge products with the freshest ingredients from reliable and sustainable sources with no impurities. We are all about bringing the benefits of nature straight to your door, and it’s time to explore our shrub drinks today!