At Shivelight, we are offering you some delicious options in shrub cocktails and you can go in one of two directions. The first is trying a unique cocktail syrup we offer that can be added to any beverage for a supreme flavor. Secondly, we offer shrubs that can also be conveniently mixed with drinks to create something fantastic that is naturally sourced and your taste buds will notice the difference. You might be wondering how to use shrubs in cocktails and the answer is simple when you utilize them creatively or in our suggested recipes.

You might try the woodstove in a blizzard which constitutes our Bitterroot apple and cinnamon shrub combined with your choice of brandy, bourbon, or spiced rum. Add 4 oz of hot water and a lemon wedge and you have a delicious cocktail that is healthy and invigorating! Another quenching option would be the Mission Mountain Mojito which includes our flathead cherry or huckleberry shrub with 1.5oz of white rum, 3 lime wedges, 4oz soda water, and 6-8 mint leaves for an incredible taste! These are just two of the many possibilities when forging professional tasting shrub cocktails!

Bring your cocktails to life with Shivelight Flavors!

We have three main popular flavors that are simply uncanny when it comes to their level of quality and supreme taste. If you have a bar that needs to add some exciting options to the selection then our shrubs are the perfect choice to liven up the atmosphere and give people an option for a healthier and tastier cocktail. You might want to implement our famous huckleberry shrub that has a complex and delicious flavor profile that will have you wondering what this distinct flavor is.

If you’re wondering how to use shrubs in cocktails then this is a great place to start because it gives a very rich berry flavor. Our Flathead Cherry shrub is great for mixing iconic cocktails that feature cherries such as the Cayuse cherry bomb. Lastly, the Bitterroot apple and cinnamon shrubs are highly versatile when creating a unique cocktail that is pure and decadent. One of the great benefits of mixing with our shrubs or syrups in cocktail recipes is that you can get exceptionally creative. Also, you will know that our ingredients are pure without any unnecessary preservatives.

A perfect alternative to other options

We aren’t saying that you should completely do away with other alternatives on the market because people want certain classics. However, they will become a firm believer when they taste the first sip of one of our shrubs mixed in to spice up these options. You will find that healthier and naturally sourced ingredients will give you a more rewarding taste that is also great for the body. Achieving the proper balance is important when mixing shrubs in cocktails so take this into consideration when mixing new concoctions.

Before you know it, you’ll have a new creation that implements our incredible shrub flavors that will wow guests and keep them coming back for more. There’s something classic and historical about apple cider vinegar shrub drinks that is a staple from a historical perspective and it speaks to a purer time where they were commonly used as medicine. It’s the most advantageous alternative to various other cocktail recipes which have ingredients that aren’t very healthy like high fructose corn syrup. You can be assured that none of these are in our naturally forged shrub drinks, and they are an excellent complement to any cocktail recipe!

Try our delicious shrubs today!

At Shivelight, we are proud to offer you some satiating shrubs to utilize in any given cocktail recipe, and you can even mix the shrub drinks themselves for an interesting result if so desired. We are always encouraging creativity and versatility across all our products, and only the best fruit is used so you get a tart and satisfying flavor across each batch. We use an unfiltered process that gives you all the benefits of apple cider vinegar that actually will make you feel less guilty when drinking alcohol that has no nutritional benefit.

You’re adding some stellar ingredients with vitamins and minerals that enhance any cocktail and will give you a feeling of elation and hydration after the first sip. If you’re looking for delicious shrubs to try and pair with various cocktail recipes, then we have the best on the market to choose from! Our prices are reasonable for the high quality we offer and you will taste the purity and love we place into every flavor. We work with locally reliable farmers in special locations to bring you some of the best shrubs on Earth and now you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with a transcendent cocktail!