A shrub drink is made up of surprisingly simplistic ingredients when considering the complex flavor profiles it can offer. The first element found within any given shrub is apple cider vinegar. This is the key fermented aspect of the shrub drink and gives it a quality that is like no other. It has been considered a potent health tonic over the past centuries and works to give the drink a kick that is similar to carbonation.

Of course, apple cider vinegar alone has a bitter quality that most tend to avoid. It starts with freshly squeezed juice from high-quality apples at Shivelight where we are always seeking the highest quality results. There is a difference between unfiltered and filtered apple cider vinegar that should be noted. Unfiltered is much healthier and more beneficial. Filtered might be used more for cooking purposes.

The proper balance of water

As with any complete beverage you need to have the water ratio down or you risk it being too abrasive. We have added the right amount of filtered water into the mix and it’s important to do so across any shrub drink recipe. Water is a key element because it helps to settle the ingredients and aid in dilution. It’s important that the consistency of the final product is pleasant and delicious.

The texture needs to be just right and water helps with this. This is important to keep in mind when creating a shrub and some people dilute it even further and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not much needs to be added to accomplish satisfactory results. Sometimes the smaller details help to bring the beverage together and a small amount of water should never be overlooked because consistency is key.

Natural Honey

One of the most important ingredients utilized in a shrub drink is honey which is perfect for offsetting the bitterness of apple cider vinegar. Honey is one of the sweetest and most healthful substances on the planet and has been praised for multiple health benefits. When it comes to a shrub, the sweetness is the quality that is desired because it is so strong that it provides a perfect balance. People have used honey to offset bitterness for a long time with effective results.

Some things seem to have been made for each other like peanut butter and chocolate. It’s the same here with honey and apple cider vinegar. They complement each other and honey brings the drink to life with a quality that is both natural and delicious. You would definitely notice something missing if it were taken out of the equation. Over the years, it has become a staple ingredient in making shrubs for good reason! It is highly effective and also aids in the final consistency.

A wide variety of fruit juices

The possibilities for shrubs are dependent on how many varieties of fruit there are. So it would be reasonable to assume that they are almost endless when you start combining them for fantastic results. The final key ingredient in crafting a shrub drink involves the addition of freshly squeezed fruit juice. One of the classic flavors involves bitterroot Apple & Cinnamon which is a beloved classic with another dynamic combination that is rooted in our culture.

Apple juice tends to compliment the cider vinegar and it’s always a reliable option. However, you can get really creative here and find other elusive fruits like huckleberry. Berry shrubs are particularly delicious because of their pungent and savory flavor. This is a critical addition to a shrub as it gives a base flavor that is familiar and wonderful. Juices can even be combined to create a tropical effect with a unique result that will keep people guessing!

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