To understand what a shrub drink consists of you have to know what the core ingredients are. The most defining ingredient which serves as the healthy foundation of the shrub is natural apple cider vinegar with all the added benefits of healthy gut bacteria. From there, honey is often used to offset the bitter nature of the vinegar along with a choice of various fruits. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to the different possibilities, but here at Shivelight we only give the most delicious flavor profiles from the freshest sources. Shrub drinks are well known for being a naturally occurring beverage that is self-preserving. However, the quality of the ingredients can vary depending on the conditions of any given farm, and ours are pristine!

Shrubs made unique with different fruits

Shrubs can be personalized with a mixture of fruits which is why they are considered such a versatile beverage. They are commonly mixed into cocktails for a delicious combination. There are multiple combinations to consider, but here we are specializing in giving you a sound selection of staple classics such as the Ginger Honey Shrub. This is definitely an exclusive beverage that focuses on quality and freshness. It would be fair to assert that there are levels of excellence when it comes to what you consume on a daily basis. Many of the soft and energy drinks have long lists of complex additives and preservatives that are counter-intuitive for your health. Shrubs have long been considered to be a healthy alternative and are starting to gain more traction as people realize the benefits. It is naturally delicious with a kick because of the presence of apple cider vinegar. You can use any fruit type to create a shrub drink!

It is a fermented drink

A shrub drink has been fermented because that’s how the apple cider vinegar is created in the first place. This is a natural process where all of the health benefits are produced over time. This fermentation process is what gives this particular shrub beverage such a unique and flavorful experience. It is similar to carbonation and has a delicious pungent finish. Any shrub can also be enhanced with alcohol or even carbonation to create a very effective replacement for soft drinks. It is from fermentation that you gain the benefits of increased vitamins, nutrients, and healthy bacteria for your gut. A shrub is a very unique drink that was once used as a health tonic. At Shivelight, we are now honing in on the process to bring you an expertly crafted shrub from farm to table with attention to detail. We only use the freshest and ripest apples to squeeze and ferment into apple cider vinegar for our shrub drinks!

Above the standard beverage

There is definitely a certain distinctive quality about a shrub drink that is making them the next big thing in the bar industry. People are beginning to realize that these concoctions are genius and have invigorating tastes to explore. Our ingredients are sourced from special locations that operate with precision and a loving dedication to the art of growing. When you pay attention to the details and locally source your fruit then it pays off with the best taste possible. We are always emphasizing the best here, and our mission is to shine a light through the darkness of an uncertain industry. There are so many substances that aren’t intended for your body to manage in artificial beverages and we believe this is unacceptable. There is a delicious and simplistic alternative from mother nature that works exceptionally well towards elevating your well-being. We consider our shrub beverages to have a certain character amid the competition that many more are beginning to appreciate!

A natural drink with many benefits

There are many incredible health benefits to drinking a shrub and this is another quality that sets them apart from conventional beverages. We believe that naturally sourced ingredients are the foundation of a good drink along with responsible harvesting and processing. It is a good choice to go with a shrub over a normal soft drink because it will benefit your health overall. Even if you decide to get it in a mixed drink it has far more positive effects than traditional cocktail flavorings. We stress versatility as one of the unique benefits of shrub drinks and always encourage our customers to try new combinations with our delicious options. If you’re a health fanatic looking for more alternatives in your diet then our shrub drinks will be a breath of fresh air. To conclude, a shrub drink consists of apple cider vinegar, honey, and any given fruit juice. There are many ways to enjoy them and your health will benefit greatly!