One of the best times to take or drink apple cider vinegar is with a meal. It is generally a better idea to give your body something to help absorb it instead of on an empty stomach. Although, some have reported that it can help when fasting to reduce bloating as a viable option. Drinking it alone is also not advised unless you want an exceedingly bitter result that can’t be ignored. However, some still adore it as an acquired taste for medicinal purposes.

Once in the morning and night

It’s a good idea to drink apple cider vinegar 1-3 times a day, and they should be separated to ensure you get an even dose. At the very least, you should take it in the morning and evening for the best results. This ensures that it has a profound effect on your metabolism throughout the entire day instead of just with one meal. It will aid in digestion and help to stabilize your blood pressure/sugar 24/7. Many people drink it on a continual basis for the health benefits alone.

Can take before exercise

Another great way to enjoy the perks of apple cider vinegar is to implement it before your workout. You will find that it will help to expand the blood vessels and can help with endurance and overall workout performance. It is a great way to help digest the food quicker before a routine instead of just sitting on your stomach for hours. There is an alkalizing effect that it has on the body which can help reduce inflammation and damaging free radicals. Many runners have reported increased performance after taking apple cider vinegar because of the increased energy from a plethora of healthful substances.

Good for balancing body after heavy meals

If you’re going to pig out during thanksgiving or any other occasion where a heavy meal is inevitable, then taking apple cider vinegar after it might help to stabilize your body overall. Of course, you can’t fully reverse the damages of overeating, but you can do your body a favor by giving it an extra tool to handle it more efficiently. It can also be seen as a precaution since you know you’ll be consuming a lot and increasing blood pressure. You may find that doctors recommend this type of treatment for diabetics or those who struggle with pressure issues. Medicinally, apple cider vinegar is considered nature’s health secret for a wide variety of problems.

Take it with other fat burners for enhanced effect

One interesting way to enhance apple cider vinegar consumption is by combining it with other fat-burning ingredients like capsaicin in peppers or even ginger for stimulating heart health and cardiovascular improvement. Taking apple cider vinegar during your normal regimen is very doable because of its versatility in the kitchen. You can add it to almost any beverage to give it a unique taste, but the most common approach is through a shrub drink. There are many different delectable flavors, and sometimes drinking this natural vinegar isn’t solely for the health benefits. It certainly packs a unique punch that is memorable and delicious. You could even create your own soda drink and add some caffeine for a great fat-burning combination!

Drink it with friends in a social setting

Socially, apple cider vinegar will enhance the mood and send your taste buds on an epic journey into unknown lands of flavor. This is especially true for those who have never tasted the actual purity of a beverage straight from the Earth. We are so conditioned to believe that artificial is the new normal when there are deliciously healthful alternatives to enjoy like a shrub drink. It’s up to you to discover the right time in your life to use apple cider vinegar, and sharing it with friends makes it taste even sweeter. Add some liquor of your choice for an incredible mixed drink that will have you hooked immediately.

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