There are many types of drinking vinegar and apple cider vinegar has stood the test of time. It stands out from the crowd with a host of benefits because the source is already exceptionally healthy. Apples have always been one of the most nutritious and delicious fruits around and have revitalized cultures around the world for centuries. Vinegar that is sourced from them can yield different results depending on the nature of the apple. Each one will have a unique flavor profile and at Shivelight we especially like the Bitterroot apples for our shrub drinks. Apple cider vinegar is one of the key additions to create a stable beverage and we hold it as the best drinking vinegar possible.

Antibacterial and prevents infection

One of the reasons why apple cider vinegar is the best for drinking is that it has many antibacterial properties and helps to prevent aggressive infections. In fact, it has been used medicinally for centuries with great effectiveness. Doctors definitely agree that there is something more than meets the eye regarding apple cider vinegar when compared to other types. It can help give your body many nutrients to shield against the threats of microorganisms. The effect apple cider vinegar has on your body is profoundly positive in deterring an invasion of various infections and encourages good bacteria instead of bad for a healthy gut balance.

Unfiltered raw vinegar is the best

One detail that many people overlook when purchasing a drinking vinegar for the first time is neglecting to get the raw option with the mother. This ensures that you get the full nutritional benefits from the classic drink. However, if you decide to drink it raw then it will be exceptionally bitter. This is because of the acetic acid present which is another core reason this vinegar is best for drinking. The best way to consume it though is in the form of a shrub. You won’t have to worry about it being too bitter when mixed with other delicious ingredients that create an amazing beverage. You will get the full effects of the beneficial bacteria along with critical enzymes that encourage healthy digestion and even weight loss over time!

Reduces Cholesterol and increases cardio

Apple cider vinegar has a unique effect on the bad cholesterol in the body and is highly encouraged by doctors as a supplement to help get it under control. It can also increase the effectiveness of insulin over time when taking with meals on a regular basis. Apple cider vinegar is the best because it also increases your cardiovascular health by expanding the capillaries and encouraging healthy blood flow. It can discourage the progression of heart disease and certain cancers while providing a host of other benefits. It is truly the master of all drinking vinegar and is upheld by most ad the best option. This is because the list of benefits is seemingly endless when it comes to increasing your overall health. Heart health is exceptionally important to maintain throughout all ages and a dose of apple cider vinegar can help you thrive and stay alive longer!

Packed full of vitamins and nutrients

You will gain all the health benefits from various vitamins and nutrients present in apple cider vinegar from the apples themselves. These include incredibly nutritious ones like pectin, vitamins B, C, Calcium, and critical amino acids. These are just a few of them as there are many more. It’s important to get the correct dosage with such a nutrient-dense drink. All of these healthful substances will be better absorbed by your body when using apple cider vinegar because it encourages a faster process overall. Taking apple cider vinegar when unfiltered each day is essentially like taking a multivitamin that has additional beneficial bacteria. A healthy gut can go a long way in determining your metabolism and other digestive factors. Apple cider vinegar is certainly the most nutritious one around!

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