The term shrub can be traced back to the Arabic language where it was shortened and borrowed from the word “sharab” which means “To Drink.” You can see how it would develop into the more simplistic term “Shrub” which is used even today and stands as the most common title for this particular beverage.

Popular in England

Shrubs were exceptionally popular in England back in the 17th and 18th centuries and were gaining traction as the staple beverage. They were enjoyed plain and also with rum or brandy to create various cocktail recipes. However, the origin of the shrub drink itself can be traced back to the 15th century where it was utilized as a medicinal tonic. Clearly, there is a rich history to consider with this amazing beverage that has been enjoyed with variations for centuries. It shows no signs of slowing down as more people realize their potential!

America’s Colonial-era beverage

This was essentially the soda of the day and the shrub didn’t disappoint much like Coca-Cola satiates today. The only problem is we have forsaken on a large scale the benefits of a timeless classic derived only from mother nature. It’s interesting that we have made many advancements, but have taken a few steps back regarding a solid beverage with a good reputation. People have enjoyed shrubs in America for a long time, and they have proven to refresh in even the hottest months of summer. There is a rich history behind this incredible beverage.

Herbs and spices were also implemented

One of the unique aspects of the shrub beverages of the olden days was they added a variety of herbs and spices to really flavor the final result. This enhanced the profile and added additional health benefits. Even the people back then recognized the true power of food, and it was no secret that shrubs had a positive effect on the overall health of a population. This beverage was even utilized for its power to combat issues like the common cold and other problems. Cloves, almonds, and even orange peels were utilized in the recipes to create some unique concoctions.

The addition of alcohol gained popularity

The concept of a shrub cocktail was not lost on the folks of the past because they had an intuitive insight into what the true flavor was. People weren’t accustomed to the additives we see in beverages today, and they only knew natural ingredients. Rum and brandy were popular additions to shrub beverages and really brought them to life. Whiskey was implemented at times and just about any other liquor you can think of. The variations were endless, but people were definitely infatuated with it more than we see in our modern time. However, shrubs are making a comeback as more people realize the benefits!

The Popular Rum and Shrub beverage

You’ve heard of Rum and Coke, but what about Rum and Shrub? That’s right, it was also utilized with the popular Rum Liquor, and for good reason. Rum and fruit juice have always had an amazing tropical appeal that is refreshing beyond belief. The actual origin of the fruit shrub we see in America today is from 17th century England where they started utilizing vinegar instead of citrus fruit juices to aid in preservation. This led to a whole new concept of beverage where vinegar was later implemented and enjoyed for its potent health benefits.

Berries were more common than citrus fruits

Berries were among the most common fruits utilized in shrubs and they produced a full texture and tart flavor profile that is absolutely delicious. Any berry you can think of has most likely been used in a shrub at some point in history. Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are all great options to consider. However, there is an elusive fruit known as the huckleberry that has a taste like no other. We implement this in our huckleberry shrub at Shivelight and are bringing you a more refined modern beverage based on the classic recipe. Honey and the right amount of water are added for the perfect consistency.

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At Shivelight, we are seeking to share our passion for shrub drinks with you while informing you of the rich history. They used to be very popular, and are becoming increasingly mainstream now as a viable alternative to other mixers and drinks. This is a valuable opportunity to change your habits and enjoy a healthier option. We are concerned with giving you only a natural result that invigorates the taste buds and gives a fruity appeal. Stop by our site today to check out the different options that will keep you coming back for more after that first taste of shrub perfection!