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Shrub drinks are made up of some intensely flavorful and satisfying ingredients that serve as a unique alternative to the standard market beverages. At Shivelight, we specialize in the creation of an exceptional apple cider vinegar shrub with quality that is hard to find. Our method involves the integration of healthy ingredients to provide you with an alternative to modern beverages that are often filled with substances that can cause long-term damage to the body.

Simple Ingredients, Delicious Beverages

Shrubs have been used for centuries as a classic staple and medicinal tonic for all sorts of ailments. In addition, they taste amazing by themselves or paired with carbonation to add that soda flair. Cocktails can also be crafted with endless possibilities, and we offer you the best of both worlds with either a nonalcoholic shrub, commonly known as drinking vinegar, and delectable cocktail shrubs to elevate any stiff drink to remarkable proportions. We are here to offer you a beverage that not only exceeds expectations in flavor but nurtures your well-being for years to come!

What Makes Our Shrubs Unique?

Our unique blend of the finest fruit from the best local growers in Montana ensures you’re getting the highest quality shrubs and drinking vinegars for a reasonable price. Our shrub apple cider vinegar contains no added fillers, additives, or preservatives because we believe in respecting what nature has to offer in abundance, fruit sugar, and vinegar. One aspect of our shrubs that stands out from the competition is that we work closely with local growers to ensure that our drinking vinegars are held to a higher standard than market-quality drinks. At Shivelight, we hold ourselves accountable for your well-being and view each customer as if they were family which means they deserve the absolute best shrub juice sourced from unique locations around Montana that have proven their worth over time.

Our team takes pride in the continuity of every product and pushes the boundaries of shrub excellence through the precise concoction of unique beverages that will invigorate the taste buds! Our shrub fermented drink selection has multiple options to choose from, and you can be sure that you’re receiving a higher level of nutrients, enzymes, proteins, and helpful gut bacteria in each elegantly designed bottle of apple cider shrub. Our products are carefully crafted to create a profoundly satisfying taste and the most potent medicinal effects so you get the benefits of both worlds!

What Is A Shrub Drink?

Shrubs have been around for a long time, and they are best served according to old-fashioned recipes dating back to early European settlements where they were utilized to treat ailments and served as the soft drinks of the day. Now we have access to the best technologies and growing conditions to produce a product that is made from the highest quality fruit. This natural base is then paired with apple cider drinking vinegar and sweet honey to offset the bitterness and achieve a flavor that is unique to Shivelight.

Fermentation is where the magic happens because so many benefits are gained from this practice to create an amazing vinegar that gives a nice kick! The method of making a shrub drink has been handed down through history, and we continue the tradition to the highest degree with impeccable fruit sugar and vinegars which are professionally concocted to yield superb results! Shrubs empower you to replace artificial and sugar-saturated beverages that are wreaking havoc on your health over time. They are versatile and effective in satiating the body and revitalizing the spirit. Speaking of spirits, they also are used to mix a mean cocktail that will change your perspective on what is possible in crafting alcoholic beverages, hot or cold!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I took my first nip tonight with vodka. It didn’t disappoint. Awesome alternative to the same old mixers. Loved every sip.”


Derek Cadieux, Georgia Center, VT

“Complex and refreshing! Such a perfect healthy alternative to so many sugary beverages and mixers.”


Emily Linnertz, McMinnville, OR
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A Tasty Drinking Vinegar Shrub

Taste is something we put tremendous emphasis on at Shivelight because many other products on the market are lacking in this area. They often compensate with ingredients that you can’t pronounce and end up producing a faux version of a classic staple from gastronomic history. The secret to our superior taste is found in the hard-working growers who harvest some of the best fruit in the world from special locations with ideal conditions. This is the main contributor to our distinct flavor that separates us from the competition. Making shrubs is something we enjoy deeply and we work together to ensure continuity with each batch so they taste the same with every purchase. There are shrubs for each individual taste so explore all of our products to find your favorite.

Our shrubs are carefully crafted to greet your taste buds with a warm welcome as you try the first sip. Whether you’re new to the experience or have tried other brands, we are certain that our special formula will achieve spectacular results, and we encourage you to explore our other flavors! Our versatility in shrub recipes is what allows for some amazing combinations, and there’s nothing stopping you from combining our products with your favorite alcohol for a taste that is like no other on the planet! You can take pride in knowing that our products are of the highest quality and deliver optimal satisfaction through transcending sensations of tartness and sweetness.

Cocktail Syrups Vs. Shrubs

Cocktail shrubs and shrub drinks are two distinct products we offer that serve different purposes. A cocktail shrub allows you to create inventive mixed drinks in a bar or party setting that will wow your customers or guests and spark a conversation that you can engage in with confidence knowing about the organic quality of our shrubs. Your friends will also be thrilled in knowing that they are drinking one of the healthiest alcoholic cocktails on the planet, full of flavor and nutritional benefits from natural fermentation. The possibilities are endless when mixing drinks with our adaptable cocktail flavors.

Before refrigeration was possible, vinegar and fermentation were widely utilized to preserve summer fruits which were later combined with alcohol to form an astonishing mixed punch cocktail drink. It’s the same principle today, only we have sharpened the craft to elevated levels where the ingredients are as potent and pure as humanly possible. Regular shrubs can also be combined with other drinks, but we recommend you try them solo before experimenting as the base flavors we offer are exceedingly high quality and full of intricate nuances. Be it a cocktail syrup or a shrub, Shivelight has mastered the method of creating fermented products and drinking vinegars with integrity and sustainability. All you have to do is try them for yourself to experience immediate satisfaction and refreshment.

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About Our Shrubs

Our shrubs contain natural ingredients from locally sourced, summer fruit that is freshly squeezed and produced in small quantities to ensure continuity across each individual bottle. We have chosen apple cider vinegar above other types because of its immensely efficient quality and taste when complemented with other wonderful ingredients. Fruit, honey, vinegar, and a bit of water are all it takes to create a fantastic product with no added sugar. In addition, where these natural ingredients come from matters. For instance, our ginger honey shrub is sourced from a special location that contains the optimal growing conditions for an extraordinary result that makes this particular shrub stand out from the crowd.

At Shivelight, we are experts in shrub drinks and don’t cut corners when producing the finest quality shrubs for your pleasure and enjoyment. Many companies utilize bruised and less than ideal fruit to create various fruit beverages, and they also implement added sugar which can mask the true nature of a beverage. We, on the other hand, operate with a high level of integrity and only squeeze the ripest ginger, cherries, apples, and huckleberries for an outstanding result which puts us on another level. The quality of our shrubs reflects how much we care about providing our consumers with an unparalleled taste while retaining the maximum nutritional benefits to treat various health conditions.

Woodstove in a Blizzard

  • 1 oz Shivelight Bitterroot Apple and Cinnamon Shrub
  • 1.5 oz Your choice of Bourbon, Brandy, or Spiced Rum
  • 4 oz of Hot Water
  • 1 Lemon wedge

Because this is served hot, it does not need to be shaken. Pour all ingredients into a mug and squeeze a lemon over it. Stir nicely.

Mission Mountain Mojito

  • 1oz Shivelight Flathead Cherry or Huckleberry Shrub
  • 1.5oz White Rum
  • 3 Wedges of Lime
  • 4 oz Soda Water
  • 6-8 Mint Leaves

In the bottle of a glass, muddle the lemon and mint together. Brim the glass with ice and add the shrub and rum. Top it off with soda and gradually stir. Lime and mint make decorative garnishes.

Our Story

Our name references the beautiful scene of fractured light through the forest one can observe during mid-day. We started out with a vision in mind to provide you with the best organic ingredients that represent shrubs in the best manner possible. We are perfectionists who take pride in giving you a shrub that is of higher quality than the market standard. Through meticulous planning, we deliver a product that is high-quality and thoughtful, sourcing only the finest ingredients from the farm into your cup.

At Shivelight, we know our shrubs and have produced some of the best in the world as we project this truth with confidence to all who visit our site. Our main purpose is to convey the same sense of peace as when you observe the vibrant light shining through the trees which seems to pierce the soul and stimulate a sense of well-being and confidence. Our time-tested method is something that will never change because sometimes the old-fashioned way results in a purer and more satisfying outcome. We are proud that many customers take part in our story as they take their first sip and notice the quality difference, and are then transported to that enchanted forest where the light beams through the trees and warms your heart for years to come!

Our Flavors

At Shivelight, we feature many flavors of shrubs which give people the opportunity to explore various essences. Our first option available is the ginger honey shrub which is a favorite of many including ourselves. We source our ginger from a special natural hot spring that gives the perfect conditions for growing heavenly ginger. Immediately after harvest, we press the raw ginger in an efficient manner and then combine it with Montana knapweed honey and raw apple cider vinegar which contains the mother. After the right amount of water is added, it is mixed thoroughly and is ready to consume, simple as that.

The Huckleberry shrub is also a beloved option among many of our customers because of the unique and complex flavor of freshly squeezed huckleberries sourced from coastal areas in the pacific northwest. A huckleberry is like a blueberry but more tart and delicious. Raw berries are macerated and then combined with raw honey, vinegar, and water to create an amazing option for berry lovers everywhere!

Our Flathead cherry shrub is also very delicious and is specially harvested from the shores of Flathead Lake which is the largest body of freshwater west of the Mississippi. It supports a small yet efficient group of cherry growers, but they are more appropriately defined as artists with the quality they produce. These aren’t just any cherries because they have garnered fame and notoriety as some of the best in the world! After harvest, they are then combined with the same process resulting in that distinct cherry flavor many adore.

Last, but not least, we have the Bitterroot apple & cinnamon option containing apples sourced from the base of a mountain where the Lewis and Clarke expedition took place. There’s nothing like knowing you’re sipping on fruit harvested from a historic location, and this fact makes it incredibly special. The Bitterroot apples are finely shredded and then combined with the drinking vinegar resulting in shrubs that have a distinct and classic apple flavor. None of our shrubs have any added preservatives, sugar, or unnecessary stabilizers, and we are excited for you to experience the purity that is equally radiant to the light shining through that mystical forest!

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