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At Shivelight, we strive to provide you with the tastiest selection of naturally crafted beverages, and our apple cinnamon shrub is no exception to our high standards. We aren’t just dishing out products at random to turn a profit while sacrificing quality. Rather, we carefully source the fruit utilized in the ever-popular Bitterroot Apple & Cinnamon Shrub! We start by examining the fruit and only selecting the perfect apples for our batches without any bruising or natural decay. This ensures continuity across all bottles and speaks to our integrity and passion for a high-quality product.

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Natural Flavors for Healthy Lifestyles

After harvest, the Bitterroot apples are then macerated and mixed with especially delicious honey, cinnamon, raw apple cider vinegar, and water to create a delicious natural beverage that encourages a healthy lifestyle and tastes phenomenal! Our apples are harvested from the base of a mountain near the range that Lewis & Clark explored during their expedition and are never tainted with aggressive fertilizers or harmful chemicals. Everything is organic and pure from the small apple orchards that produce amazing quality fruit. At Shivelight, we are innovative in our approach to combining simple ingredients from the best farms. We know that the best results come from not using stabilizers or preservatives which can hinder natural flavors.

apple shrub

A Delicious Apple Cinnamon Shrub

As a reflection of our hard work and consideration, we source Bitterroot apples for our shrubs. These apples tend to be on the tart side which complements the other ingredients for a remarkably delicious flavor profile. Cinnamon is a wonderful complement to this apple shrub and the pairing has been combined throughout history because of the unique and excellent taste. Adding raw whole cinnamon sticks as opposed to pre-prepared cinnamon powder makes our shrubs even more beneficial and delectable and keeps our product tasting fresh. Needless to say, cinnamon is one of the healthiest and most delicious spices on the planet with an array of health benefits.

Cinnamon plays an important role in making our apple cinnamon shrub unique. Our level of taste surpasses other competitive brands who sacrifice the quality of their product for profitability. At Shivelight, we operate with a higher standard of integrity by prioritizing quality and taste over anything else, and this dedication to quality is exhibited in our coveted apple shrub. Shivelight is here to shed light through the trees and illuminate your perspective on modern drinks by offering delicious and healthy alternatives like our apple shrub.

A Healthy Drink Choice

Apples are incredibly nutritious, containing essential vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin C, among others. Not only that, but they are rich in polyphenols which are a major contributing factor to their health benefits. The most popular type of vinegar utilized as a health tonic is apple cider vinegar, a product created by fermenting apple sugars. By doing so, the vinegar contains many important health properties. Soft drink companies, on the other hand, pay a lot of money to ensure that their advertising doesn’t encourage the exploration of their products because the dark reality is they are terrible for you.

If you stop drinking soda for a while you will notice it tastes worse when you return to it. This is because your body becomes conditioned over time. The body naturally rejects tons of sugar and preservatives and has to work very hard to manage after drinking. We are dedicated to offering you a tastier and natural alternative that can stabilize blood pressure and reduce symptoms of many diseases. Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a preventative measure for a host of complications. Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar helps to break down plaque in the arteries and clear the valves in the heart to encourage healthier functionality.

apple cinnamon shrub

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I took my first nip tonight with vodka. It didn’t disappoint. Awesome alternative to the same old mixers. Loved every sip.”


Derek Cadieux, Georgia Center, VT

“Complex and refreshing! Such a perfect healthy alternative to so many sugary beverages and mixers.”


Emily Linnertz, McMinnville, OR

Why Choose Our Apple Shrub?

Our apple shrub is a natural product with an incredible taste that is superior to brands of the same endeavor and other artificial drinks on the market. You are guaranteed a wholesome experience that will enrich your life and stimulate the taste buds beyond measure! Apples have been a staple for humans over the course of history, but no drink has come close to the supreme quality we offer. Our specially harvested apples are tart and sweet with the perfect ratio of vinegar, honey, and water to encourage hydration and nourishment without sacrificing taste.

If you’re looking for the highest quality shrub on the market then look no further! Shivelight is motivated by mother nature to stimulate a sense of peace and well-being. Raw apple cider vinegar helps to encourage healthy bacteria in the gut, aiding in digestion and correcting bacteria deficiencies. Shivelight is here to shine a light through the dark trees of the modern beverage corporations and facilitate a smooth transition to tastier organic shrubs! This particular apple cinnamon shrub is a good place to start if you’re looking to try our products for the first time because you can’t go wrong with the taste of apples and cinnamon! Choosing Shivelight guarantees continuity across every bottle and sustainability in our practices.

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After absorbing this information regarding what we offer, it’s important to not let these thoughts ferment. Visit our site today and take control over your health with alternative old-fashioned shrubs that will give you a new lease on life. Our shrubs come in different sizes and quantities depending if you just want to sample certain flavors, but we definitely recommend the apple shrub as a dependable choice for newcomers. If you have tried other brands of drinking vinegar then we are confident we will win your loyalty after you taste the difference!

Our guarantee is high-quality for a low cost. Shipping is expedient and secure as we are pleased to send you our hard work in a matter of days. Feel free to browse through our company history and other exciting details about each product before checking out and witness our transparency in delivering a product with no hidden details. Everything is out in the open and our services are as pure as the light beaming through the forest. We are also excited to hear what you think of the fruits of our labor so feel free to leave a comprehensive and honest review!

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