Why is it called a shrub?

The term shrub can be traced back to the Arabic language where it was shortened and borrowed from the word "sharab" which means "To Drink." You can see how it would develop into the more simplistic term "Shrub" which is used even today and stands as the most common title for this particular beverage. Popular in England Shrubs were exceptionally popular in England back in the 17th [...]

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Does drinking vinegar mix with vodka

Drinking vinegar and vodka are both very strong substances that some people do enjoy on their own. However, we definitely advise against that if you're looking for a flavorful and memorable beverage. It's definitely more of an acquired taste to take either of them in the form of shots or mixed together. Even then, most people will utilize a chaser to help with the after-taste. It's [...]

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Can drinking vinegar harm you?

Drinking pure vinegar is something that can wear down your enamel over time if you're not careful, and this is especially true in conjunction with certain additives like lemon juice in various detox drinks. This is why many people opt for apple cider vinegar pills where there is no possibility for erosion. Rinsing with water after is a good way to reduce these effects should you [...]

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How to make a shrub cocktail

The first step to forging your own recipe or trying established ones is to purchase a reliable shrub cocktail syrup that represents the purest process imaginable. At Shivelight, you get exactly that with wholesome ingredients with results that can only come from working with local farmers. Once you obtain this critical ingredient, then it's time to brainstorm and do research! Shivelight has the right shrub drinks [...]

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When to drink apple cider vinegar

One of the best times to take or drink apple cider vinegar is with a meal. It is generally a better idea to give your body something to help absorb it instead of on an empty stomach. Although, some have reported that it can help when fasting to reduce bloating as a viable option. Drinking it alone is also not advised unless you want an exceedingly [...]

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Are Vinegar Shrubs Healthy?

It might seem strange at first to consume vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is an exception to the rule with many healthy qualities that enhance your health. For some reason, people tend to overlook the medicinal benefits of natural substances and favor artificial medication over the remedies found in nature. Shrubs actually include more than just apple cider vinegar, and at Shivelight we are dedicated to [...]

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