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At Shivelight, we are proud to offer you one of the best old-fashioned vinegar drinks on the market with the beloved ingredient of ginger which has gained the attention of health enthusiasts over the past decade. Our ginger shrub drink stands out from the crowd with a quality that surpasses the standard recipes found in other stores because it is grown in conditions that are unparalleled. Our ginger is sourced from a natural hot spring that contains ideal conditions of temperature and water chemistry to grow the highest-quality ginger which we then squeeze and combine with other high-quality ingredients including apple cider vinegar and honey. This process results in a shrub that transcends reality with a magical result that you have to experience for yourself! We never add any preservatives or additives to alter the natural flavor of this pristine beverage and are proud to give you a taste of heaven and earn your loyalty towards a healthier and tastier option that enriches your life indefinitely!

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A Delicious Ginger Shrub Drink

The flavor of our ginger shrub drink has been experienced by many, and we didn’t just put it up for sale without testing it ourselves. Taste is of great concern to our team at Shivelight and we work hand in hand with local growers in Montana to achieve reliably sourced ingredients that are a contributing factor to the final product. Many other companies will compromise on quality for the sake of profit and utilize sub-par fruits in their drinks along with excessive unnecessary ingredients and preservatives to enhance the shelf life so no product goes to waste.

Needless to say, at Shivelight we operate with a higher standard of integrity by offering customers an elevated experience for their taste buds. We are passionate about providing you with the highest quality shrub drinks and our ginger shrub speaks for itself when you take that first thirst-quenching sip. Our quality can be seen even in the bottles we produce, as we have taken care to give you an aesthetically pleasing product to complement our organic beverages. Enlighten your perspective on healthy beverages! This tasty drink is an excellent introduction to our products and it will prompt you to try our other exciting and innovative flavors.

ginger shrub
shrub drink ginger

A Healthy Drink Choice

Not only do our shrub drinks offer you the delicious tastes you crave and deserve, but they also provide a plethora of health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. In contrast, most standard beverages in the current market contain excessive harmful ingredients that don’t do your body any favors. If you ask any doctors, they will be frank and tell you that soft drinks are killing people like a slow-moving poison. At Shivelight, we take the extra steps to ensure our products are free of these contaminants by giving you a natural experience from farm to table.

Each one of the ingredients is accompanied by a host of health benefits. For instance, apple cider vinegar with its unfiltered nutrients contains healthy gut bacteria which aids in digestion and proper flora balance in the stomach. It has also been shown to alkalize the body and aid in the treatment of various diseases caused by pesky inflammation. Honey, which is a staple ingredient in our beverages, is well-documented to contain rich amounts of antioxidants and can help lower blood pressure. Finally, our highest quality ginger has the most potent properties which can treat nausea, help aid in weight loss, and alleviate chronic indigestion.

Why Choose Our Ginger Shrub?

There is a multitude of reasons why you should choose Shivelight as your go-to option regarding apple cider vinegar drinks. Firstly, our ginger shrub contains arguably the finest ginger on the planet, helping you reap the rewards of better taste and medicinal benefits. Our company is reliable and sustainable in our practices and operates with a high level of customer consideration. We truly care about what is put in your body which is why our drinks are fine-tuned to give you maximum health benefits.

Another reason to choose this delicious shrub, in addition to our other options, is that it is highly versatile. You can mix it with a cocktail or effectively substitute soda with added carbonation for an amazing result with an added kick! Our ingredients are sourced from the finest growers in Montana and there is consistent communication between us and them throughout the entire process. Not only that, but we deliver in small batches so you can be certain that you’re getting the freshest product possible and consume it with confidence. We care deeply for all we serve and value your business on a personal level!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I took my first nip tonight with vodka. It didn’t disappoint. Awesome alternative to the same old mixers. Loved every sip.”


Derek Cadieux, Georgia Center, VT

“Complex and refreshing! Such a perfect healthy alternative to so many sugary beverages and mixers.”


Emily Linnertz, McMinnville, OR

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So what are you waiting for? You are only a few steps away from tasting a truly special beverage for an affordable price by visiting our website today! The order will be filled and shipped immediately with careful packing so your drinks remain intact in transit to the destination. While you’re visiting, be sure to check out some of the other flavors if you’re not partial to the taste of ginger. Shivelight recognizes that people have different tastes and that’s we offer an impressive selection of delicious beverages and cocktail mixtures for creating individualized results.

On our website, we have more information about where our produce is sourced from and the history of where we grow this enchanting and elusive ginger. You will also be impressed by reading about our commitment to excellence while taking note of the many positive aspects of our company. We take pride in the remarkable quality of our ginger shrub and aim to wow ourselves when trying our products to ensure you will get the same result. It’s time to change your perspective on what a modern beverage tastes like. Join us in a journey back in time, where old-fashioned vinegar drinks were incredibly popular and utilized for their delicious taste and health-sustaining ingredients!

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