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When to drink apple cider vinegar


One of the best times to take or drink apple cider vinegar is with a meal. It is generally a better idea to give your body something to help absorb it instead of on an empty stomach. Although, some have reported that it can help when fasting to reduce bloating as a viable option. Drinking it alone is also not advised unless you want an exceedingly bitter result that can't be ignored. However, some still adore it as an acquired taste for medicinal purposes. Once in the morning and night It's a good idea to drink apple [...]

When to drink apple cider vinegar2021-11-13T16:22:58-06:00

Are Vinegar Shrubs Healthy?


It might seem strange at first to consume vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is an exception to the rule with many healthy qualities that enhance your health. For some reason, people tend to overlook the medicinal benefits of natural substances and favor artificial medication over the remedies found in nature. Shrubs actually include more than just apple cider vinegar, and at Shivelight we are dedicated to giving you wholesome ingredients from farm to table. This includes adding the right amounts of fruit juice, Montana Knapweed honey, and a balance of water. There is more than meets the [...]

Are Vinegar Shrubs Healthy?2021-11-13T16:22:13-06:00

What is a Shrub Cocktail?


The main ingredient in a shrub cocktail that makes it so profoundly delicious and strong is Apple Cider Vinegar. This is a highly healthful vinegar that has been making a splash in modern bars again. It's making a comeback because of all the wonderful health benefits and versatile flavors it brings to the table. Of course, enjoying it alone would be foolish because of the bitter taste. That's why there is a comprehensive process to ensure that the final product has been mixed properly to achieve balance. Theoretically, you can use other fruit vinegar to create a [...]

What is a Shrub Cocktail?2021-11-13T16:21:40-06:00

What is the history of shrub drinks?


It's important to note that shrub drinks have been popular around the world for centuries in areas like China and Britain. There were widely enjoyed before they were brought to America and people were aware of the benefits. However, it was a different time and they didn't understand the true medicinal nature of shrub drinks but still understood they could bring fevers down and help with other ailments. Even though shrub drinks have been prevalent in different areas, America really made it their own signature beverage. America became widely known for it It was in America where [...]

What is the history of shrub drinks?2021-11-11T17:36:46-06:00

Which vinegar is best for drinking?


There are many types of drinking vinegar and apple cider vinegar has stood the test of time. It stands out from the crowd with a host of benefits because the source is already exceptionally healthy. Apples have always been one of the most nutritious and delicious fruits around and have revitalized cultures around the world for centuries. Vinegar that is sourced from them can yield different results depending on the nature of the apple. Each one will have a unique flavor profile and at Shivelight we especially like the Bitterroot apples for our shrub drinks. Apple cider [...]

Which vinegar is best for drinking?2021-10-12T08:19:23-06:00

What kind of drink is a shrub?


To understand what a shrub drink consists of you have to know what the core ingredients are. The most defining ingredient which serves as the healthy foundation of the shrub is natural apple cider vinegar with all the added benefits of healthy gut bacteria. From there, honey is often used to offset the bitter nature of the vinegar along with a choice of various fruits. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to the different possibilities, but here at Shivelight we only give the most delicious flavor profiles from the freshest sources. Shrub drinks are well [...]

What kind of drink is a shrub?2021-10-12T08:19:16-06:00

What is the drink shrub made of?


A shrub drink is made up of surprisingly simplistic ingredients when considering the complex flavor profiles it can offer. The first element found within any given shrub is apple cider vinegar. This is the key fermented aspect of the shrub drink and gives it a quality that is like no other. It has been considered a potent health tonic over the past centuries and works to give the drink a kick that is similar to carbonation. Of course, apple cider vinegar alone has a bitter quality that most tend to avoid. It starts with freshly squeezed juice [...]

What is the drink shrub made of?2021-10-12T08:19:10-06:00

What happens if you drink vinegar everyday?


One of the perks of drinking apple cider vinegar every day is that it will inevitably decrease your appetite. People often wonder how they can maintain that feeling of being full and apple cider vinegar can help you tremendously in this area. This may in turn lead to a change in the way your body metabolizes food and help you lose weight over the long term. People also get accustomed to the flavor after a while and start to realize that it's a natural powerhouse of nutrients and other benefits. You gain many of them by simply [...]

What happens if you drink vinegar everyday?2021-10-12T08:18:59-06:00

Are Shrub Drinks Good For You?


Apple cider vinegar is one of the main ingredients in shrub drinks and acetic acid is the main compound responsible for its plethora of health benefits. Shrub drinks are excellent for diabetics who are looking for an alternative to harmful options that are packed full of sugar. There are some natural sugars from the fruit but those are the good kind that can be easily processed by the body and encourage overall wellness. Even if you aren't diabetic, these are a great substitute for soft drinks that are essentially poison. Aids in Weight loss Studies have shown [...]

Are Shrub Drinks Good For You?2021-09-01T08:57:20-06:00

Are Fruit Shrubs Good For You?


You may be pondering, "Are fruit shrubs good for you?" and the answer is a resounding yes! This is because at Shivelight we use only the base ingredients of the earth to forge a delicious natural beverage. There is no-nonsense here as you read through what the drinks contain. We have nothing to hide here and are encouraging a deliciously pure experience that is becoming increasingly rare these days. You might find that some other shrub drinks use ingredients that are sub-par with fruit that isn't as fresh. We operate with integrity while squeezing only the freshest [...]

Are Fruit Shrubs Good For You?2021-09-01T08:57:04-06:00
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