About Shivelight

Imagine walking through a thick forest where sun rays pierce the dense canopy. Think of how peaceful, warm and comforting it is. Shivelight is an old English word for the sun rays that break through the forest cover. The purpose behind our brand is to convey those same feelings through the drinking glass.

Our Delicious Shrubs

Essentially, shrubs are traditional drinking vinegars that have been used for centuries. From medicine to cocktails, there are several old-fashioned uses of shrubs. Sometimes, they are drunk in small quick doses for the medicinal properties of their ingredients. They are often added to carbonated water as for homemade non-alcoholic sodas. Or, our shrubs are combined with alcohol for unique and delicious craft cocktails. No matter how you enjoy them, Shivelight Premium Beverages are the highest quality shrubs on the market because of our dedication to premium ingredients.

Our business concept is rooted in two commitments. First, we persistently seek out the highest quality ingredients for our shrub drinks, from start to finish, and we are devoted to showcasing Montana’s rich natural and agricultural abundance. These commitments mean that we partner with the finest and most conscientious growers in Montana. Whether you are looking for digestion support or a tasty refreshment, Shivelight Premium Beverage Company offers you the most distinctive and meaningful product of it’s kind on the market.

Many of our customers use Shivelight shrubs as Montana themed gifts. Do you have a Montana themed wedding, are you hosting family from out of town, or do you want to leave something unique in your short-term vacation rental for out of town guests? With our commitment to Montana’s rich agricultural heritage, we are the perfect way for you to share Montana with others. of the versatile ways to prepare our shrubs, Shivelight complements any party or entertainment. Explore all our distinct Montana flavors and cocktail recipes.

Our Story

Shivelight Premium Beverage Company is a family-owned and operated business based in Missoula Montana. We are committed to making the highest quality products on the market, and to showcasing the natural and agricultural heritage of Montana.

Our Commitment To Quality & Sustainability

As mentioned before, what sets us apart from other beverage companies is our dedication to fine, specifically sourced premium ingredients. Let’s take a closer look at some of our partnerships with Montana farms and the premium ingredients they provide.

The common ingredient in all our shrubs is raw honey which we source from Wustner Brothers of Missoula, MT. Their bees populate hives in the secluded Sapphire Mountains of western Montana. That means their hives are surrounded by national forest lands where they are free to feed on wildflowers, knapweed, and other wild plants. All Wustner Brothers Honey remains unprocessed, unheated, and unfiltered. Therefore, their raw honey provides a myriad of nutritional value to our shrub drinks that processed sugar or cheap honey would offer.

Our cherries are gathered from the Orchard and Flathead Lake. Flathead Lake is the largest natural body of water west of the Mississippi River. Its shoreline provides the perfect landscape for small family-owned cherry orchards. The Orchard At Flathead Lake is home to children living among the cherries. Its owners are unwavering in dedication to organic and risk-free harvesting. Their growing practices ensure not only amazing fruit but also sustainable agricultural traditions.

Ginger is not what most of us think of as a Montana crop. But Montana’s landscape is so diverse, there are even unique areas, like Camas Prairie, where water pours from the ground at 87 degrees. That how we are even able to source our ginger from local Montana farmers. Deluge Farm is located in Camas Prairie and is the only commercial grower of ginger in Montana. Our partnership supports our commitment to showcasing Montana’s rich and unique agricultural heritage.

As you can see, what makes Shivelight Premium Beverage Company so unique is our partnerships and cooperation with Montana farmers. We are confident you will also enjoy sharing the magic of Montana.

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