One Of Each Flavor – 4 Bottle Pack

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The Bitterroot Valley south of Missoula, Montana is a place of towering craggy peaks and deep canyons that are well known for ruggedness. The Lewis and Clark expedition crossed this range in 1805 with noted difficulty. Norman Maclean cut his outdoor and literary teeth in the same wilderness. Today, the rich valley that sits under these mountains supports a wide range of agricultural endeavor. Notable among them are the small apple orchards that produce high quality fruit.

Flathead Lake in Western Montana is the largest natural body of freshwater west of the Mississippi River. It’s pristine and deep waters support a small community of cherry growers along it’s shores. These cherries are famous for their quality, and if you were a cherry tree, you could not ask for more spectacular views.

Huckleberries are the mythical fruit of the mountain West. Infamously resistant to cultivation, these little beauties grow naturally in high elevations and along coastal areas in the Pacific Northwest. The flavor profile is something like a blueberry, but far more complex, more tart and more varied. Really, huckleberries only taste like huckleberries.

There is a natural hot spring at Deluge Farm whose temperature and unique water chemistry allows for the cultivation of ginger – a crop grown almost exclusively in the tropics. It is the only ginger grown for at least 500 miles in any direction, and it is in our Ginger Honey Shrub. This one really has some magic in it.

All of the ingredients are used in their raw and unadulterated form and are the finest quality that Montana has to offer. There are no added preservatives or stabilizers.

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