What is a Shrub Cocktail?

The main ingredient in a shrub cocktail that makes it so profoundly delicious and strong is Apple Cider Vinegar. This is a highly healthful vinegar that has been making a splash in modern bars again. It's making a comeback because of all the wonderful health benefits and versatile flavors it brings to the table. Of course, enjoying it alone would be foolish because of the bitter [...]

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What is the history of shrub drinks?

It's important to note that shrub drinks have been popular around the world for centuries in areas like China and Britain. There were widely enjoyed before they were brought to America and people were aware of the benefits. However, it was a different time and they didn't understand the true medicinal nature of shrub drinks but still understood they could bring fevers down and help with [...]

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Which vinegar is best for drinking?

There are many types of drinking vinegar and apple cider vinegar has stood the test of time. It stands out from the crowd with a host of benefits because the source is already exceptionally healthy. Apples have always been one of the most nutritious and delicious fruits around and have revitalized cultures around the world for centuries. Vinegar that is sourced from them can yield different [...]

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What kind of drink is a shrub?

To understand what a shrub drink consists of you have to know what the core ingredients are. The most defining ingredient which serves as the healthy foundation of the shrub is natural apple cider vinegar with all the added benefits of healthy gut bacteria. From there, honey is often used to offset the bitter nature of the vinegar along with a choice of various fruits. Your [...]

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What is the drink shrub made of?

A shrub drink is made up of surprisingly simplistic ingredients when considering the complex flavor profiles it can offer. The first element found within any given shrub is apple cider vinegar. This is the key fermented aspect of the shrub drink and gives it a quality that is like no other. It has been considered a potent health tonic over the past centuries and works to [...]

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What happens if you drink vinegar everyday?

One of the perks of drinking apple cider vinegar every day is that it will inevitably decrease your appetite. People often wonder how they can maintain that feeling of being full and apple cider vinegar can help you tremendously in this area. This may in turn lead to a change in the way your body metabolizes food and help you lose weight over the long term. [...]

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