Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Keto?

You may be wondering, "Is apple cider vinegar good for Keto?" and the experts agree that it most definitely is! One of the remarkable benefits of apple cider vinegar is it can help you control your blood sugar. This is encouraging news for diabetics but also people who don't have that condition. It's always wise to keep your finger on the dial when it comes to [...]

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Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss

Utilizing apple cider vinegar for weight loss is not a new concept as it has been perceived to have these effects along with many others for thousands of years. Studies are always being conducted and one of the realities observed from apple cider vinegar is that it can serve as an effective appetite suppressant. This means that you will effectively eat less when implementing this ingredient [...]

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What is a shrub cocktail?

Shrub drinks have been around for centuries and they have always consisted of simplistic ingredients sourced directly from mother earth for unparalleled results. These include raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, honey, and water. However, there might be some other variations depending on the shrub which might include the implementation of delicious ginger and varying fruit juices. At Shivelight, we are well-aware of the medicinal quality of [...]

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How to use shrubs in cocktails

At Shivelight, we are offering you some delicious options in shrub cocktails and you can go in one of two directions. The first is trying a unique cocktail syrup we offer that can be added to any beverage for a supreme flavor. Secondly, we offer shrubs that can also be conveniently mixed with drinks to create something fantastic that is naturally sourced and your taste buds [...]

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When to drink apple cider vinegar

It's important to know when to drink apple cider vinegar because you can benefit from it at different times in conjunction with various activities. One of the first instances where taking it is a good idea would be after particularly large meals like Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. These inevitably will increase your blood sugar and could cause some problems in spikes if you're not careful. Studies [...]

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How long does a shrub last in the fridge?

You might be wondering, "how long does a shrub last in the fridge?" and the answer might surprise you because it's not your typical beverage. There are laws in place that cause every product to contain an expiration date, but because our shrubs contain apple cider vinegar, they will last far beyond this because they're a natural preservative. You will reap the benefits of a beverage [...]

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