Shrub Recipes

Whether you’re fixing to make a cocktail or just a simple soda, shrubs are a great way to add flavor without all the unhealthy junk that’s normally found in sodas and cocktail mixers. You can even use shrubs un traditional food recipes as well. Below you will find some popular shrub recipes that you can make at home!

Our Unique Shrub Recipes

There are so many wonderful uses for shrubs, which are traditional drinking vinegars. At Shivelight Premium Beverage Company we start with high quality raw, whole fruit. Then we add raw, unfiltered Montana knapweed honey. Rather than using old, bruised, bulk fruit at Shivelight we are committed to excellence, from start to finish, and that commitment is reflected in the specificity of our fruit..

After pressing the fruit and adding honey to make a syrup, we then add the unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Vinegar which has not been filtered still contains the pectin, plant proteins, enzymes and probiotics from fermentation. Together, the raw honey, the fresh fruit maceration, and the apple cider vinegar are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Not only do we find the best ingredients for our shrub drinks, but we also do not interfere with the alchemy these ingredients have in their combination.

The only other ingredient in our shrub recipe is water for balance and versatility. We add no stabilizers or preservatives. All of our ingredients are not only the finest quality found locally, but they are also packed rich with nutritious material, making our shrub recipes both delicious and beneficial.

At Shivelight Premium Beverage Company, we start with two main commitments. Our first is to remain persistent in finding the highest quality ingredients available, and the second is to showcase the rich natural and agricultural heritage of Montana. In remaining focused on these two tenants, we have developed professional relationships with some of the finest growers of Montana.

Shrub Drink Recipes

Shrubs can be enjoyed in many ways. Some people take a one-ounce daily dose as a health tonic, but our shrubs really shine as natural soda bases and as a replacement for sugary colas which are also high in sodium. Another increasingly common application for shrubs is found in the craft cocktail world. Both home enthusiasts and professional mixologists can make great use of them.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over half of Americans drink an average of one soft drink a day. Soft drinks are packed with high levels of refined sugar, sodium, and corrosive ingredients. A combination of high amounts of sugar, sodium, and caffeine can prevent the absorption of healthy nutritious foods while exhausting the digestive system. It’s no wonder that soft drinks are one of the main contributors to illnesses such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

If you struggle with cravings for soft drinks, we encourage you to try a shrub drink recipe. Our mixture of sweet and tangy flavors are often blended with carbonated water to create a delicious soda. Our flavors include Bitterroot Apple Cinnamon, Flathead Cherry, Huckleberry, and Ginger Honey. Each is unique and has different flavor profiles so we encourage you to try each one. By replacing soft drinks with Shivelight Premium shrubs, you can have better health while supporting the valued traditions of Montana’s agricultural heritage.

Ginger Shrub Recipes

When we think about ginger, most of us think about a tropical plant that grows in hot humid areas. Most of us don’t think about Montana is an ideal location to grow ginger. But, the beauty of Montana is how the landscape varies. Did you know there are areas of Montana where the ground bubbles up at a temperature of 87 degrees? It’s truly remarkable.

This warm spring allows for the perfect growing condition of ginger. Therefore, we are proud to include ginger in our selection of Montana focused flavors.

Our ginger honey shrub is delicious simply by itself but also serves as a great based to experiment with different recipes. We encourage you to play with different ingredients and then share your craft cocktail on our Shivelight Premium Beverage Company Facebook Page.

Here are a few of our Ginger Honey Shrub Recipes for you to try. Let us know your response.

The Antique

  • 1oz Shivelight Ginger Honey Shrub (or any flavor of Shivelight shrub)
  • 2 oz Bourbon or Rye
  • 1 slice of Orange
  • 2 Dashes of Angostura bitters

In a rocks glass, muddle the slice of orange with the bitters. Brim the glass with ice. Pour in the shrub and whiskey and then gently stir. A lemon tongue is a beautiful garnish.


St Mary’s Shandy

  • 2 oz of any Shivelight shrub
  • 12 oz of a light lager

Put Shivelight shrub into a glass. Add the lager.

Martin City Mimosa

  • 1 oz of any Shivelight shrub
  • 5 oz Champaign or sparkling wine

Pour Shivelight shrub into a flute glass. And then slowly combine the sparkling wine.

Shrub Vinegar Drink Recipes

Before modern refrigeration, in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, shrub vinegar drink recipes were required, since vinegar was used to preserve the fruit. The flavor of the vinegar drinks was so popular, vinegar remained a common ingredient even after it was needed for preservation Now shrub vinegar drink recipes can create custom cocktails and artisanal sodas.

For a comprehensive list of our favorite vinegar drink recipes, please visit the Shivelight Premium Beverage Company products list and explore the different flavors available. We continue to highlight the rich agricultural heritage of Montana growers through the drink recipe names. Most of our drinks are Montana themed, such as Mission Mountain Mojito and the Woodstove in a Blizzard.

As the desire for unique and custom designed drinks continues, many people find ways to include signature drinks in the special events. Are you planning a Montana themed wedding? Are you hosting some out of town guests who want to experience all that Montana has to offer? Or, do you want to send gifts to friends and relatives in hopes to entice them to Montana?

No matter your reasoning, Shivelight Premium Beverage Company provides you the perfect way to share Montana.

Healthy Vinegar Shrub Recipes

Vinegar shrubs evolved from an earlier version of European medicinal cordials. They became incredibly popular due to their delicious taste and their well-documented health benefits. It is widely accepted that many health conditions may be eased by a daily dose of unfiltered vinegar. So, why not make a vinegar drink as tasty as possible with high quality fruit and wild raw honey.

When apple cider vinegar goes through the fermentation process, a myriad of nutrients form. This includes a concentration of plant proteins and pectin as well as phytonutrients and enzymes. When ingested, these properties coat the inner lining of the gastrointestinal tract to aid in digestion. That is why unfiltered vinegar has been known to help prevent stomach cramps, bloating, and gas.

The health benefits of our vinegar shrub recipes are not only derived by the vinegar but from every premium ingredient, we include. Raw honey, fresh fruit, and unfiltered apple cider vinegar create a delicious concoction that will leave you feeling cleansed and refreshed. When our shrubs are taken daily, especially before meals, our customers report less heartburn, less intestinal problems from digestion, and a relief of constipation. Some use our vinegar shrub drinks as a helpful aid in suppressing appetite when trying to lose weight.

With Shivelight Premium Beverages, you will not only feel refreshed but will feel a much deeper satisfaction in knowing our shrubs contain healthy and high quality ingredients.

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