The main ingredient in a shrub cocktail that makes it so profoundly delicious and strong is Apple Cider Vinegar. This is a highly healthful vinegar that has been making a splash in modern bars again. It’s making a comeback because of all the wonderful health benefits and versatile flavors it brings to the table. Of course, enjoying it alone would be foolish because of the bitter taste. That’s why there is a comprehensive process to ensure that the final product has been mixed properly to achieve balance. Theoretically, you can use other fruit vinegar to create a shrub cocktail, but apple is the best choice.

You can use any fruit for the base

Virtually any fruit can be used to concoct a shrub cocktail, but historically they were made with berries during the off-season where other fruits weren’t available. You can also combine fruits for a very unique flavor profile that is special to your beverage. For instance, you could forge a classic peach-mango shrub drink by combining this adored combination. Your imagination is the limit when constructing new beverages, and there is tremendous freedom that comes along with it. Fruit is a staple ingredient and critical element to bringing a shrub cocktail to life. It helps to offset the bitterness and introduces a plethora of healthy vitamins and nutrients to boost your day. You won’t feel as sluggish when leaving the bar after enjoying a shrub cocktail because it effectively nourishes and hydrates the body.

The right balance of honey and water

You will need the correct addition of honey and the right amount of water to ensure that the flavors mesh well and you get a smoother beverage. Achieving balance in this area can be challenging, but at Shivelight we are highly meticulous about giving you the best results for any bar setting. The quality of the honey really does matter, and that’s why we only use locally sourced options with pristine results. Honey in itself is a very healthy food, and when combined with fruit and vinegar it can elate the senses and even clear the sinus effectively!

Can be used for pleasure or medicine

A shrub cocktail is essentially an alcoholic beverage that implements an alternative to the bitters we see in modern bars. People are starting to realize the superior taste and ingredients of a shrub cocktail again, and it’s taken a long time since the surge of soft drinks. Cracking open a tab of one of these drinks is like signing over a year of your life because of the harmful additives. Instead of a rum and coke, try a shrub option with carbonation to give you that flavorful strong burn. Most would think that a night out drinking will inevitably damage your health, but when using shrubs, you can have peace knowing your body will thank you.

Adding your favorite liquor for a great cocktail!

It’s important to pair the liquor correctly with each individual beverage. For instance, you might want to have a more tropical shrub where certain combinations like rum and pineapple work exceedingly well. There is a lot of creativity involved with crafting your own shrub cocktail, and we always encourage mixologists to discover new possibilities with our shrub cocktail syrups and normal beverages. Enjoy limitless freedom with different alcohols that will add a new quality to each shrub, and you can make it on the stronger or weaker side.

Surging with popularity in bars again

We have seen an increase in the popularity of shrub cocktails because people are starting to wake up from the spell of modern beverages. People are looking for a more special time with a memorable beverage that actually encourages their overall well-being. Not only that, but they are incredibly delicious which is a great reason to try one today! Bars are crafting new beverages each day, and to create a professional drink, you need locally sourced ingredients. There are no fillers, additives, or preservatives used in Shivelight beverages because we stand firmly on the principle that natural is better!

Try our shrubs in cocktail recipes today!

At Shivelight, you can rely on our meticulous process that places clear emphasis on the customer. We never compromise on the quality of our shrub drinks, and we have many flavors that are waiting to be tried. One of the most popular options is the Huckleberry shrub where you can enjoy a complex flavor that many haven’t had before. It is a dark and rich result that will have you coming back for more! Visit our website today to decide between options and we will over-deliver expediently to your location. We are happy to serve you honestly and with transparency regarding our process!